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What is Intense Wizardry?

It's a top-down shooter with roguelike elements in which you may organically set the stakes. Combat against your enemies is frantic. The bosses to be fought are epic. Items to be had are novel. You're a wizard in an epic future war against humanity.

Roguelike elements?

Yes, roguelike elements. The levels are of a random shape and contain a random amount of chests. These chests hold the key to your godhood: Passive items that can totally change how you play. Gathering these is how you grow stronger as a wizard. You'll see plenty of interesting items: Do you want all of your attacks to be shotgun-like? Do you want to shoot random lasers every few seconds? Do you want those lasers to be super wide? All of this is possible and more!

Raise the stakes!

The difficulty of Intense Wizardry is organically set by you throughout each run. Collecting the souls of your enemies will raise the stakes: Harder enemies for greater rewards. Are you some kind of untouchable angel of death, killing all your enemies with but a glance? Put your money where your mouth is and raise those stakes! This game is all about intentionally putting yourself in danger for great reward.

As well as this, you can challenge post-final bosses. Maybe the final boss is too easy for you? Maybe the final battle disappointed you? Pick up a doomed item and even more deadly bosses will descend upon you.

General coolness!

  • No unlocks! Everything is available to you from the start! If you wish to access a secret boss or a rare item, the only thing you need to get it is knowledge!
  • Plenty of items to collect: Gather passive items throughout each run to increase your combat abilities and other abilities. One will slow down every enemy you shoot, another turns your shots into four shots when they hit something. The effects of every item stack, so two of the same item means double the effect!
  • Weapon variety: A good few weapons to be had. You can switch out either of your weapons for a new one that you find. There are lasers, bouncing lasers, eyes that shoot lasers, a die and more. Also, you can dual-wield them.
  • Unique aesthetic: Inspired by common interpretations of terrible magical documents like the Necronomicon.
  • Bosses and enemies: No two enemy types act quite the same, and require different approaches to fight against unharmed. Bosses often act in totally different ways.
  • Raise the stakes: During a run, if you think the game is too easy, you can gather the souls of your enemies in order to increase the difficulty, but also to reap more rewards from each kill.
  • Easy, yet hard: At a glance, Intense Wizardry is very simple. Under this facade, there is hidden depth to be learned of. It's easy to play, yet hard to master.
  • Options: Rebindable keys, resolution options, cheat codes.
  • Music by Mark Sparling: https://soundcloud.com/sparling-soundworks

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Magic, Roguelike, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Yeah I bought Groupees Greenlight 33 and the link instead of unlocking the game on my account keeps bringing me to this page to buy it for $1. LAME