shitty woodbound

here's how I'll develop the NPNG game: I'll largely skip the minutia and details and skip straight to making a videogame that can be played and won as soon as possible, shitty and short as it may be initially. As a microcosm of this approach I have the first area of the game, the Woodbound of the Lilac. It is obviously unfinished and rough around the edges to say the least. But the overall objective of the area is present - to traverse the northern river - and it is hopefully at least remotely interesting to achieve.

I will next spend some time delving into the minutia and details of the Woodbound, figuring out exactly what an area in NPNG entails, how large it should be, how detailed, how many plants, etc. Following this I shall do all the other areas in one go.

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Mar 15, 2018

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