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hello, and you may be wondering why there were ten days between the previous two updates, and over one hundred days between then and now. the answer is simple: more stuff kept needing to be done that I did not anticipate.

I finish what I think is the entirety of the woodbound of the lilac, and lo it turns out more work needs to be done making UI shiny, or there is some awful bug. So I solve this but egads, there is more work to do.

It has been revealed to me by divine spirits that this work is neverending, and so even though there are still potential improvements, I bestow upon you largely the final version of the demo of No Pain No Grain. Behold it with your own eyes and keyboards, and you shall see that it is good.


NoPainNoGrain_0010h.zip 19 MB
Nov 03, 2018

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