new woodbound demo

aforementioned minutia have been delved into like some kind of dark windy cave. ground bears of bad game design have hopefully been completely avoided, but these bears are stealthy and I could have received not-yet-lethal injuries from them during my metaphorical spelunk. From this hallowed cave I bring forth structure, vegetation, ambience, and soon I shall redelve to retrieve some polish and content I noticed while I was down there. It is now possible and dare I say enjoyable to play this game from its beginning to what is currently its ending. To battle against these various flora and figure out how to get the correct amount of certain items, it is exactly what I envision when I dream of what No Pain No Grain shall become. Although the dreams feature a product with a bit more elbow grease put into making it feel, look and sound lovely. And more stuff.

Next up will be two more woodbound demos: One featuring the polish, and the next featuring the foretold content. Which will not be an astronomical amount of content, merely a few more plants particularly near the end. After this construction will at last commence on the game's other areas.

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Jul 03, 2018

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